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Month: May 2016

Oregon Superdelegate Resolution

One of the phenomena of the Political Revolution sweeping the nation is state Democratic Party conventions of people demanding reform of the nomination process and electoral system. To that end, they are adopting resolutions to limit or abolish the voting power of unpledged so-called “superdelegates.”  This Resolutions was drafted by attorney John Kevin Hunt of Oregon City, Oregon,  and has circulated among grassroots Bernie state delegate groups and served as models. Most […]

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Clinton Losing to _Trump, but it’s Not Too Late for Sanders Nomination.

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Clinton Losing to _Trump while Bernie Most Electable Against _Trump. With the latest polls showing Clinton losing to  _Trump, we need Bernie as the nominee more than ever. Bernie beats   _Trump by large margins according to all the data. Strong issues of trust and likeability are key factors as to why Clinton is doing poorly, even against a candidate with his own issues regarding character. In order to face _Trump, Bernie will […]

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Proclamation of Political Revolutionary National Coordinating Committee Declaring “May 14 Movement”


WHEREAS, the May 14, 2016 fascistic putsch by reactionary Establishment apparatchiks acting in the name of Democratic Party Presidential candidate HILLARY CLINTON, aided by brownshirted armed police, at the Nevada Democratic Convention — the latest in a series of antidemocratic offenses against the liberty, equality and freedom of the people of the United States — perpetrated by agents of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Clinton corporate cabal, […]

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Nevada Convention: a Vote for Hillary is a Vote to End Democracy

the end of democracy

Clinton henchmen made up rules as they went along at last night’s Nevada Democratic Convention.  64 Bernie delegates were not given their credentials or allowed to vote and new rules were passed on the fly to ensure a Hillary win (by about 30 votes).   The whole ordeal was more than 12 hours long and was caught on live video feed. Viewers donated money for pizza to be delivered to […]

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nevada convention

BREAKING NEWS FROM NEVADA — compiled directly from reports by Berniecrat delegates in the convention hall (compiled by John Kevin Hunt). [No apologies for bias] LAS VEGAS — STATE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION (9:05 PM PDT) — Clintonite Democratic Party Establishment apparatchiks have thrown Robert’s Rules of Order (“RROR”) out the window and in an unprecedented putsch have decertified 64 Sanders delegates. The situation is extremely fluid and somewhat complicated, but in […]

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Everyone In America Is Getting Poorer

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Everyone in America getting poorer is the result of dwindling income opportunities for the vast majority of Americans as the effects of globalization pitting for lower wage paid foreigners in Mexico, China, India, and other developing countries against American workers, particularly in manufacturing and multi-national corporation services, continue to ramp and cause economic inequality. Along with this trend, physical productive capital (the non-human means of producing products and services) is […]

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The strongest candidate in this race will drive the most voters to the polls and in the process, voters will vote for other “downticket” candidates. Bernie Sanders beats Donald_Trump by double digits and is much stronger than Hillary Clinton in general election polling. We can’t afford to lose more seats in the Congress and in state elections

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There’s More Than the White House at Stake