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Nevada Convention: a Vote for Hillary is a Vote to End Democracy

the end of democracy

Clinton henchmen made up rules as they went along at last night’s Nevada Democratic Convention.  64 Bernie delegates were not given their credentials or allowed to vote and new rules were passed on the fly to ensure a Hillary win (by about 30 votes).   The whole ordeal was more than 12 hours long and was caught on live video feed. Viewers donated money for pizza to be delivered to […]

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nevada convention

BREAKING NEWS FROM NEVADA — compiled directly from reports by Berniecrat delegates in the convention hall (compiled by John Kevin Hunt). [No apologies for bias] LAS VEGAS — STATE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION (9:05 PM PDT) — Clintonite Democratic Party Establishment apparatchiks have thrown Robert’s Rules of Order (“RROR”) out the window and in an unprecedented putsch have decertified 64 Sanders delegates. The situation is extremely fluid and somewhat complicated, but in […]

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