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Emergency Mode: Bernie Sanders Needs to #StayInTheRace


Hello. I am a national delegate for Bernie from Vermont working with a small national team of delegates from across the country and statistical analysts from Cornell University to get an accurate picture of what Bernie’s chances are going forward. The stats are just incredible and this information will be released soon (today). We are extremely concerned that Bernie may announce Tuesday that he will be dropping out of the […]

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Fearing Clinton Loss, Media Creates False Win Scenario


In an unprecedented move, the mainstream media has falsely announced that Clinton has won the Democratic nomination. This announcement was clearly made in an attempt to convince Sanders supporters to not vote on June 7th in the belief that their candidate has already lost.  The largest states with the number of voters is California with 475 delegates at stake. Recent polls show Sanders as either winning or tied with Clinton. A loss in California […]

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Clinton Losing to _Trump, but it’s Not Too Late for Sanders Nomination.

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Clinton Losing to _Trump while Bernie Most Electable Against _Trump. With the latest polls showing Clinton losing to  _Trump, we need Bernie as the nominee more than ever. Bernie beats   _Trump by large margins according to all the data. Strong issues of trust and likeability are key factors as to why Clinton is doing poorly, even against a candidate with his own issues regarding character. In order to face _Trump, Bernie will […]

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The strongest candidate in this race will drive the most voters to the polls and in the process, voters will vote for other “downticket” candidates. Bernie Sanders beats Donald_Trump by double digits and is much stronger than Hillary Clinton in general election polling. We can’t afford to lose more seats in the Congress and in state elections

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There’s More Than the White House at Stake

“I would rather run against crooked Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders”

“I would rather run against crooked Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders and that will happen because the books are cooked against Bernie” -Donald_Trump. The above is a quote from Donald_Trump. Why would he say that? Most likely it’s because he knows Hillary Clinton better than the rest of us. Let us not forget that she is being investigated by the FBI. I will say that I do not want the […]

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