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BREAKING NEWS FROM NEVADA — compiled directly from reports by Berniecrat delegates in the convention hall (compiled by John Kevin Hunt). [No apologies for bias]

LAS VEGAS — STATE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION (9:05 PM PDT) — Clintonite Democratic Party Establishment apparatchiks have thrown Robert’s Rules of Order (“RROR”) out the window and in an unprecedented putsch have decertified 64 Sanders delegates.

The situation is extremely fluid and somewhat complicated, but in a simplified nutshell, sources tell us, and video and tweets appear to confirm, that Sanders national delegates chosen at the second tier of Nevada’s delegate selection plan — when transients and other unreliable first tier HRC delegate candidates failed to show up — were decertified on a voice vote clearly reflecting a severely divided house. Sanders state delegates’ protests were ignored and they ultimately began chanting “No means no!”

The chairperson called police and at least two Sanders state delegates were removed by police without resistance, according to a Sanders state delegate in the convention hall. That source also said that police confiscated pizza that was delivered to the Sanders block and threw it into garbage cans.

Continuing the fascistic methods, the pro-Clinton chairperson reportedly called out of order all Sanders state delegates who rose to speak on behalf of Sanders delegate candidates.

As of 8:00 p.m. PDT, a Clintonite state delegate was speaking on behalf of a Clintonite national delegate candidate, with a long line of Clintonite state delegates waiting for their turns to do likewise. Meanwhile, sources confirm that the Sanders national staff advised Sanders state delegates to remain in the convention hall as objections to the irregularities were finally about to be entertained.

As of 8:40 p.m. PDT, a parliamentarian and comrades in a grassroots Sanders group had transmitted parliamentary procedural advice to their brothers and sisters.

A live feed of the struggle, occasionally interrupted, is being streamed here:

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  1. This makes me sick.

  2. This is fascist and no less

  3. This needs to go viral.

  4. What have we left when our party does this ? Regardless of your political persuasions, you no longer are an American of let this continue.

  5. I’m just hearing about this. Say it isn’t true.

  6. Why is this criminal act aloud?

  7. I was not one of the people who said I would not vote for Hillary if she won the Democratic Nomination…..until today!

  8. I’m sitting around with 7 friends. They all just changed from if not Bernie than a reluctant Hillary to even Trump would be better. So 7 more Bernie or Bust. I am also considering my options

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