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Nevada Convention: a Vote for Hillary is a Vote to End Democracy

the end of democracy
Clinton henchmen made up rules as they went along at last night’s Nevada Democratic Convention.  64 Bernie delegates were not given their credentials or allowed to vote and new rules were passed on the fly to ensure a Hillary win (by about 30 votes).
The whole ordeal was more than 12 hours long and was caught on live video feed. Viewers donated money for pizza to be delivered to the now exhausted and hungry delegates, but some of the later deliveries of pizza were not being allowed inside. Bernie delegates didn’t want to leave for fear they’d get locked out. HIllary henchmen’s attempt to starve people out didn’t work as people refused to leave until the 64 people could vote.
In the end, the chair called an end to the meeting without the votes to adjourn (rules thrown out the window) calling it a “win” for Hillary. The police were called in to make sure everyone left and the Nevada Democratic Convention was over.
A vote for Hillary is a vote to end democracy.
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  1. I would NEVER vote for $Hillary–that indeed would be a vote for the end to democracy. I will go to the polls however and vote for the democrats on the down ticket , such as Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, but Hillary-NEVER. She and her henchmen are crooks.

  2. why isn’t this headline news?

    • Good question. I want an answer please.

      • The same reason that very little information that is negative about the Clinton campaign makes it to the Mainstream Media. They are owned by the 1% and they want their 1% candidate, Hillary Clinton, to win. The media bias and constant propaganda has been obvious for a long time. Look at how they have blacked out Bernie Sanders and continue to downplay his chances.

  3. The 64 delegates. Supposing that the 8 on Hillary’s (DNC’s side) side were sacrifices so that the 64 might not stand out as much. With all of the regulations and rules who know how many more really could have gotten in. I would like to hear from those left out. Even so, as it turns out that they were in fact eligible, the DNC will not care.

    To change the rules like that, from 3 tiers to two, and from custom and only allowing a voice vote. Despicable. What reason could have been given regarding throwing out the three tier system on the fly like that? Was there even a lame excuse?


  4. Hillary & her henchmen will pay dearly for this dirty dealings. She is pushing too hard to enforce her desire for the presidency & all she is doing is destroying her chances of getting the general population’s votes. As a member of that group, I will never vote for Hillary under any circumstances. I will either write Bernie in on my ballot or not vote at all & I am not the only one that will do that. She needs to think twice about pulling anymore of her dirty tricks, we the people are sick of her & her little tight knit gang of thieves. SHE IS DONE!!!!

  5. This shocked me more than I could have imagined.

  6. I’m in complete disbelief!
    This is more shocking anything political that I have ever seen in the U.S.A.
    We are a completely corrupt country ruled by a small group of in fact a Mafia.

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