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Proclamation of Political Revolutionary National Coordinating Committee Declaring “May 14 Movement”

WHEREAS, the May 14, 2016 fascistic putsch by reactionary Establishment apparatchiks acting in the name of Democratic Party Presidential candidate HILLARY CLINTON, aided by brownshirted armed police, at the Nevada Democratic Convention — the latest in a series of antidemocratic offenses against the liberty, equality and freedom of the people of the United States — perpetrated by agents of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Clinton corporate cabal, Sen. Barbara Boxer, and their fellow travelers in the DNC and party Establishment, has fatally maimed the Democratic Party, corrupted the democratic process and made America the laughing stock of the “Free World;” and
WHEREAS, neither candidate Clinton nor Democrat President BARACK OBAMA made any effort to halt that hijacking of democracy and forcible suppression of the rights of convention delegates supporting Democratic Party Presidential nomination candidate BERNIE SANDERS, whose campaign represents the spearhead of a national Political Revolution to vitiate the oligarchy perpetuating American social, economic and political inequality and injustice; and
WHEREAS, this latest outrage comes on the heels of a series of state Democratic Party primary elections, the attributes of which, in every instance, grossly exceeded the United Nations threshhold for declaring an election fraudulent, and irregular state Democratic Party caucuses, the results of said unfair elections and caucuses which inured to the benefit of candidate Clinton; and
WHEREAS, the foregoing extraconstitutionality demonstrates that the party Establishment will go to any lengths to thwart the People’s overthrow of the oligarchy by exercise of their sacred electoral franchise; now, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED by the The Political Revolutionary National Coordinating Committee (PRNCC) as follows:
1. That an immediate program of agitation known as the MAY 14 MOVEMENT is proclaimed.
2. That as part of said movement, organizers and activists immediately coordinate the formation of, and participate in, Political Revolutionary Committees (PRCs) at the state and local level to seize the Democratic Party power in the Central Committees and exercise the levers of party power to oust DNC Chair Schultz and her conspiratorial DNC cabal.
3. That PRCs, in cooperation with other political revolutionary groups, organize demonstrations, nonviolent direct actions, picketing of Democratic Party offices and other actions as part of a POPULAR UNITED FRONT.
4. That all Americans desiring restoration of democracy engage in a NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE July 24-26, 2016 and converge in the city of Philadelphia to peacefully demand that candidate Clinton abandon her quest for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination, and that the convention voting power of so-called “superdelegates” be immediately eliminated.
5. That this Proclamation be disseminated far and wide via social media in conjunction with the symbology ‪#‎May14Movement‬.


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10 replies

  1. Love it !!

  2. #Seeyouinphilly

    This is our time.

    People United will NEVER be defeated!

    No justice, no peace!

    Let’s show them what democracy looks like!!

  3. For the love of democracy, please help circulate this extremely well written blog. #may14movement

  4. The Revolution may not be televised, but it’s here and it’s real, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

  5. I’m in🔥

  6. Non violent revolution is what I committed to long ago. This pulling back the curtain of the dark and dirty Demo-plutocracy sell-outs as seen in many primaries, and shining the Bernin’ light to expose the fake wizardry behind the curtain is almost done. The giant asleep sloth Americans are a beast that is awakening – and will #VOTEtheBERN and support the #May14Movement. #PeopleOverPartyHacks #OnlyBernie #NeverHER

  7. I drafted this in order to do two things: (1) ignite mass action; (2) instill the same paranoia into the oligarchs that they have instilled in the People.

    #May14Movement. Propagate it. And then Do It.

  8. It’s all deeper and darker than any of us truly knows but it has to start somewhere. I’m in and thank you.
    19, May 2016

    • It’s most likely like a country club at the top the bullshit trickles down from there, the elite change their second in hierarchy often after they furnishings up. They have an agenda and have no idea themselves. Reeves you tucked up, back to the marketplace with you!

  9. If George Washington were alive today, would he join the Revolution? You can’t have it all, and enough is enough says Bernie to the 1%.

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