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Clinton Losing to _Trump, but it’s Not Too Late for Sanders Nomination.

Clinton Losing to _Trump while Bernie Most Electable Against _Trump.

With the latest polls showing Clinton losing to  _Trump, we need Bernie as the nominee more than ever. Bernie beats   _Trump by large margins according to all the data. Strong issues of trust and likeability are key factors as to why Clinton is doing poorly, even against a candidate with his own issues regarding character.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

In order to face _Trump, Bernie will need to become the Democratic Party nominee. Hillary leads Bernie in pledged delegates which were mostly accrued from her wins in conservative southern states. Regardless of her current delegate advantage, Clinton is still more than 700 delegates away from guaranteeing the nomination. If neither candidate gets enough pledged delegates, there will be a contested convention where the delegates at the Democratic Convention in July will decide on the nominee.  With Clinton losing to _Trump, this will be the opportunity for Bernie to win the nomination as he is the most electable at the general election.

Current Pledged Delegates: Clinton: 1768, Sanders: 1494    Needed to win nomination: 2382

There are 781 pledged delegates remaining for the states and territories that haven’t voted yet. California is the largest state with  475 pledged delegates available.


While pledged delegates follow the votes in the states, Super-Delegates are free to vote for any candidate, however, they do not actually  vote until the convention in July. Note that most news reports will include Super-Delegates in the delegate count because many stated they would support Clinton, but did so prior to Bernie becoming a candidate. By Democratic Party rules, the Super-Delegates can switch allegiances.




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