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Emergency Mode: Bernie Sanders Needs to #StayInTheRace

Hello. I am a national delegate for Bernie from Vermont working with a small national team of delegates from across the country and statistical analysts from Cornell University to get an accurate picture of what Bernie’s chances are going forward. The stats are just incredible and this information will be released soon (today).
We are extremely concerned that Bernie may announce Tuesday that he will be dropping out of the race. His interviews today on the morning circuit seem to imply this. He will be meeting with Hillary on Tuesday to see if she will support a progressive agenda. I have a feeling after the D.C. results come in that night, he will make a statement.
There is no downside to Bernie staying in the race and one very big upside. We are trying desperately to get this statistical information to him today at his summit in Vermont. In the meantime, we have 48 hours to get #StayInTheRace trending on the internet.
Calling all redditors to start making memes and hashtagging #StayInTheRace. Bernie needs us all right now. Let’s do this for him!


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  1. #STAYINTHERACE !! Please Senator Sanders, don’t give up, don’t give in. As one of your long-time steadfast supporters, I’m not willing to lose faith that you will ultimately be elected President of the United States!! I understand there is a lot of pressure for you to end your campaign, but please hang tough, be patient and keep the faith. Let’s go all the way to the contested convention in Philly!

  2. We need Bernie! There are more registered Independents than registered democrats and republicans combined. Our voices were silenced during the primaries. Let our voices finally be heard in the General Election.

  3. yes please keep him running, Hillary has no right to nominate herself, even if a bunch of her cronies said so. Her words against millions. why if she said so has to be done and legitimat? trust me or trust yourself there will be more stunts
    over and over again . next it l time it will be Maybe
    the son in law, or the daughter Chelsy.

  4. I will never vote for Hillary!

  5. Thank you Maria Rinaldi.
    We need help. Can you please get in touch with Bernie Social Network , Bernie Believers… There are so many groups out there over 100. Waiting to know what to do. We really can’t stomach voting for her. No way we’ll vote drumpf. If Bernie can join Jill Stein as President and Jill as V.P, or run Independent and have Nina Turner or Tulsi as VP…no doubt WE WILL POUR money towards the NEW campaign and ditch DNC. We are THOUSANDS , who are willing to back Bernie. We can’t allow those 2 corporate war mongers, frackers, corrupt wall st , fake, liars to run this country and ruin our futures. Please. Tell BERNIE NOT to quite. RUN away from DNC. After all they back-stabbed him and boycotted the election, he OWES them NOTHING! Brake the promise and run! Thank you!!

    • Thank you E. Romy! I hope to get the data sheet soon with the clear evidence that Bernie has every reason to stay in this race. We need to get this going viral!

  6. #stayintherace

  7. Please Senator Sanders “Stay in the Race” Last election I had felt let down completely by President Obama’s lack of “Change” and felt duped once again by the Democratic Party. I experienced the same when Bill Clinton ran for his second term but let friends sway me that he was a man of his word and would accomplish during his second term what he had promised to do in his first. So I supported him again and regretted that choice ever since. I decided last election to NEVER AGAIN vote fit the lessor of two evils and I won’t. I think that would be true of yourself as well Senator. HRC can’t win without the support of the Bernie or Bust Movement in my opinion. We understand what would entail in the “Bust” part of that phrase and the dynamics maybe devastating. But as it is I just can’t vote for someone to me has committed the crimes she has and not be held accountable. Please Sir I know this is a huge ask but Please #StayInTheRace.

  8. Bernie: #StayInTheRace

  9. I will never vote for Hillary. And the vast majority of Bernie supporters won’t. If you dont want a Trump presidency the ONLY answer is Bernie Sanders. The polls have told everyone this over and over again but they insist on illegally electing HRC who loses to Trump. Unless she riggs that one too…

  10. Cannot in good conscience vote for anyone running for president this election but Bernie. It will be the first time in all my 50 years of voting that I abstain. Bernie or bust, never Hillary.

  11. Senator Sanders, I’ve been a supporter/donor from the day you announced. I have not given up, Now I ask you to not give up and stay in the race.

  12. I could have respected an honest win but not this. They need to be sent a message that this is not acceptable. I hope Bernie a campaign follows thru with Kentucky California. She didn’t win. She stole it. The more I learn abt hrc the less inclined I am to vote for her. Thank you Bernie for your integrity and statesmanship. Please stay in to the very end.

  13. Thank you, Maria Rinaldi, for getting us back on track. We need Bernie to stay in the race. There is too much at stake. #stayintherace

  14. I am happy to report that the information was delivered successfully to Bernie Sanders this afternoon, shortly before his press statement.

    It is difficult to tell from his cryptic messaging if he plans to bring the movement to the convention next month as a presidential candidate or as just a leader. I believe it is crucial that we share posts and memes with the hashtag #StayInTheRace so he knows we still have his back!

  15. Dear Bernie,
    Stay In The Race. We need the real changes that only you can provide the leadership for. Stay through the convention, get the platform you want, then run as an Independent. Declare your Independent candidacy from the floor of the Democratic convention! They screwed you and, therefore, us by rigging the election and, very likely, by voter fraud. I’m writing you in even if you’re not running so you might as well run. This seems to us a once in a lifetime chance for change and you need to lead it! Others like Tulsi Gabbard and Nina Turner will be there to carry on but YOU are vital as our leader RIGHT NOW.

  16. Bernie is NOT dividing the Democratic Party by staying in the race. Without all of the underhanded behind the scenes deals and shenanigans perpetrated by Hillary, DWS, The DNC, Super Delegates and MSM, Bernie would have been the winner in many states based on the double-digit percentage discrepancies of the exit polls. If everyone that voted for Bernie, tried to vote for Bernie or were denied access to vote for Bernie, plus the majority of independents and disillusioned Republicans that don’t want Trump OR Hillary, followed Bernie into a third party race, he would beat them both. We have to stop being scared into voting for Hillary to keep Trump out or being scared into voting for Trump to keep Hillary out. That is what they want you to believe. If you vote the lesser of two equally evil, sorry excuses for human beings you are sheep being herded to heel behind a candidate that is not out to help America. They are both in the race to stroke their egos and build their offshore bank accounts. Bernie is the only honest candidate with integrity fighting for the American people and not the elite. It’s time to stop voting loyalty to a political party that doesn’t give a damn about us. Vote for the candidate with the best plan and platform to bring America back to the people.

    • Some Hillary supporters claim Berners are ‘abandoning the party’ but I say the party is abandoning us! I have been a Democrat for over fifty years but after what I have seen of the party establishment’s tricks and the underhanded way they stole the ‘nomination’ the word ‘democratic’ does not fit anymore with this organization! If Bernie is not the nominee I hereby give notice that I will be resigning from the Democrat party! I cannot continue to support an organization that treats corruption, fraud and voter suppression as normal operating procedure and there are many thousands more like me who feel the same way! We may be witnessing the death of the Democrat party and the ascension of a viable third party, which may be a good thing! I hope that Bernie will be available for a third party run. I will not vote for Hillary or Trump!

  17. Bernie, you are the only public official that I have ever truly believed in and the only one I have ever donated to. I have been voting for over 20 years and no other candidate has actually spoken up for us like you have for the past 40 years. We need you to continue to fight for us! I know that they are putting even more pressure on you to drop out but please don’t do it! We need you to stay in and fight!! Please!!

  18. Please Bernie, stay in the race, there are so many people depending on you!!! A few months ago I said, on Facebook, that I was a solid Bernie fan and would do all I could to help you be the nominee. Then I said that while I have never been a Hillary fan, that we should all plan to vote for whoever was the Dem nominee because “the most important thing was that we must not let Trump anywhere near the WH”. I offended a lot of people with that statement, and I apologize for that. I am so disappointed to see what has happened since then, but was appalled when the networks planned to announce for Hillary on Tuesday evening, three hours before the CA polls closed. I have known all along that they are all in Hillarys corner, but to not wait until the polls closed seemed scandalous!! Then they jumped ahead and did it on Monday night, and then Obama and Warren made their announcements, and that was the end for me!! I am still “Feeling the Bern” and will continue to do so!!!!


  20. Dear Bernie,
    Stay In The Race We Need You.

  21. What will it take for you to stay in the race? May you continue! Billions are counting on you.

  22. We need you Bernie! Please stay in the race! If anything to continue the revolution! You will win!

  23. Dear Bernie,

    I and the millions of other Americans have supported you, donated money and time to your (our) campaign. I, as a lifelong Democrat and just a year younger than you, hope that you will not give up if you are not chosen as the Democratic nominee for president! I hope you will consider running as a third party candidate. I know you have said in the past you would not do that but circumstances have changed and the American people need you now more than ever. A president Clinton or Trump would be terrible for the country. Millions of people all over the world are hoping somehow to avoid what the mainstream media and establishment politicians are trying to impose on us. Either of the two candidates would be equal disasters! Please, for all our sakes, do not endorse Clinton for president. She would most likely lose to Trump but even if she won we would still suffer. You are our hope and if you do run as a third party candidate you would have our undying gratitude! We love you and what you stand for. Please do not give up! Sincerely, one of your many supporters.

  24. Stay in the race! Clinton is not an option!

    don’t give up Bernie! Don’t let them steal your election! I refuse to vote for Hillary! My vote still has not been counted in California and I voted for you! Don’t give up on us!!

  26. Please don’t guve up, Bernie! Stay in the race. You are our only hope!!!

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