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Fearing Clinton Loss, Media Creates False Win Scenario

In an unprecedented move, the mainstream media has falsely announced that Clinton has won the Democratic nomination. This announcement was clearly made in an attempt to convince Sanders supporters to not vote on June 7th in the belief that their candidate has already lost.  The largest states with the number of voters is California with 475 delegates at stake. Recent polls show Sanders as either winning or tied with Clinton. A loss in California would have shattered the Clinton’s status as a viable general election candidate.

In order to clinch the nomination, a Democratic candidate would need to have the requisite 2,383 delegates. As of this writing, Clinton has 1812 pledged delegates to Sanders 1521.

In an effort to confuse the voting public and give Clinton an advantage going into the June 7th elections, the media is adding in delegates from votes that have not been cast and using their numbers in the total delegation count. Although many super-delegates have stated they will likely support Clinton, and stated their preference from before Sanders enter the race, their actual votes will not be cast until the end of July at the national convention. Unlike pledged delegates, the super-delegates are unpledged delegates and they are free to vote for who they wish and to change their minds until they cast their vote. Given the many issues surrounding Clinton as a viable candidate against “Why is Obama playing basketball today” “The American dream is dead” Donald “We need global warming” Trump, there is a good likelihood that the superdelegates will choose Sanders as the nominee rather than risk a Republican win an a divided party with Clinton as the nominee.

Growing concerns about Clinton’s FBI investigation, poor likeability ratings and polls showing that she would lose or tie with “Why is Obama playing basketball today” “The American dream is dead” Donald “We need global warming” Trump have given observers trepidation about her viability as a candidate. Bernie Sanders has consistently polled very well against “Why is Obama playing basketball today” “The American dream is dead” Donald “We need global warming” Trump.

Regardless of the outcome of today’s race, Bernie Sanders will continue on to the convention as no candidate will have enough delegates to have reached the magic number of 2,383 before the convention.


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  1. #BernieOrBust

  2. Bernie must of course stay in the race, and he will, because he knows there is a possibility that Hillary will be indicted. If, however, Obama puts pressure on the DOJ and Hillary is not indicted and becomes the nominee, Bernie will probably campaign against Trump within the Dem Party.

    Therefore my proposal is that Bernie should keep his/our movement alive by turning it into a movement to stop the passage of TPP during the lame duck session. TPP is literally horrific and the single most immediate danger facing America, and a campaign against it needs time to develop and to fight back against the Obama administration and the MSM, so such a campaign would have to begin in August, with big rallies, education campaigns, and a campaign to put candidates on record about TPP BEFORE the Nov. election. Bernie could spend half his time campaigning against Trump and the other half campaigning against TPP. After the election Bernie could continue to work against TPP while also working in the Senate. This would ruffle some Dem feathers, but so what? TPP simply must be defeated at all costs, and Bernie is the only one with enough gravitas and charisma to lead a successful opposition movement. And if the anti-TPP campaign were successful, it could provide a model for other future campaigns.

    Bernie, I hope you like this idea. Our movement needs to be extended and kept alive, and the monster known as Godzil….er….TPP absolutely must be defeated.

    Chris Drake

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