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Sanders is the Most Democratic Candidate in this Race

For today, here are a few of the issues Bernie supports:

$15 Minimum Wage

The $15 minimum wage is not to happen all at once but over a few years, although some companies have started already and this is great. In 1981, I worked for IBM and earned $13 an hour. It is impossible for a single person, let alone a family of 4, to live reasonably on $15/hr. let alone $7.25.

Universal Health Care For All

Everyone needs health care. There are no exceptions. If your employer is not paying for health care for you, the company can afford to pay you a higher wage.

Investing in Employee Owned Businesses

Overall, employees who have part ownership in their own company do better. There are fewer sick days and higher productivity because with employee-owned companies the owner/employee sees profit gains and benefits by them.

Free Public Colleges and Universities

We have had free public education for years now; in fact, for generations. It was necessary for children to work on home farms and in other family businesses in order for the family to survive. Ultimately, they realized that their survival depended on being able to read, write their names and know how to add and subtract. Governesses began teaching these until someone realized they needed to build a school and educate as many children as possible. This was the first public school and children were taught to read, ‘rite and do ‘rithmetic known as the three R’s. It progressed slowly up to about the 3rd or 4th grade, then to 8th. Eventually, they were expected to continue on to free public high school in order to “get ahead”. But, when it came to colleges/universities, families and students were left on their own, most to apply for thousands of dollars in future debt. It is equally important today to have a higher education. We’ve created a barrier of the haves and the have-nots through higher education. It’s time for America to again lead the way. We have the best university system on the planet and we owe it to ourselves to open it up to the best, brightest and most engaged. Cost should never dissuade the decision. A life of debt is not an acceptable cost for the pursuit of higher education. The current system imposes costs on those in our society least equipped to shoulder it. Bernie is the only candidate taking this head-on, and the only candidate who wants us to break the cycle.

Vermont is made up of 250 cities and towns and when the voters came out on March 1, 2016 to vote, every one of those cities and towns voted for Bernie to become the next President of the United States. They know Bernie, and they love Bernie. Vermonters are the people who know him the best. If they thought for even a minute that he wasn’t the right man for the job, they would not vote for him. It’s that simple, that’s Vermont, and Vermont supports Bernie!

In summary, what Bernie wants for the country is all good. I moved from Vermont in 2008 but have followed Bernie’s career for 35-40 years. He is a man who is genuinely devoted to improving the United States and relationships with other countries.

R. N.


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