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Oregon Superdelegate Resolution

One of the phenomena of the Political Revolution sweeping the nation is state Democratic Party conventions of people demanding reform of the nomination process and electoral system. To that end, they are adopting resolutions to limit or abolish the voting power of unpledged so-called “superdelegates.”  This Resolutions was drafted by attorney John Kevin Hunt of Oregon City, Oregon,  and has circulated among grassroots Bernie state delegate groups and served as models. Most recently, Wisconsin delegates overcame the resistance of their state party Establishment and have introduced the following version specifically drafted for them, shown here as John Kevin Hunt is organizing to have it considered at the upcoming Oregon State Democratic Convention:



Relating to Unpledged Delegates

WHEREAS, the Democratic Party stands for equality in the exercise of the voting franchise, the principle “One person, one vote” being a fundamental precept thereof; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Democratic Party of Oregon hereby implores its 2016 National Convention Delegates and Democratic National Committee Members to amend Article II, sections 4 and 5 of the Charter of the Democratic Party of the United States to limit unpledged delegates to advisory voting power, only.

Note: Consideration of this resolution will require a suspension of the convention rules that are being imposed by the state party Establishment without an opportunity for the convention to vote on those rules.

Under the Charter of the Democratic Party of the United States, the National Convention is the highest party authority, and amendment of any Charter provision may be initiated by majority vote of the National Convention – including Article II which provides for superdelegates.

The drafter of this resolution is a CD5 candidate for Delegate for the national convention.


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  1. You won’t get any resolution like this passed unless you have delegates at the convention who are prepared to defend it and are familiar with meeting rules called “Robert’s Rules”. That we learned from the Nevada convention. We need more lawyers as delegates.

  2. I’m a National Delegate from Michigan. I started organizing for Bernie grassroots-style back last May, founding the volunteer group SW MI for Bernie 2016.

    If you remember, we beat the odds.

    That entire time, John Kevin Hunt was working hard in Oregon. We became first acquaintances, then colleagues, and now friends.

    I can’t imagine anyone representing Bernie more professionally or effectively than John Kevin Hunt. He knows his facts, he delivers his arguments articulately, and his heart is really in it for the People.

    John is extremely familiar with all the procedures and rules- seemingly of everything!

    Please, as someone who has worked hard for Bernie for a year and helped win my state for him against all odds and expectation, I believe it is critical to have John Kevin Hunt represent Bernie as a Delegate.

    I endorse John Kevin Hunt on behalf of and with permission of the entire SW MI for Bernie 2016 volunteer group. On behalf of all Berners in Michigan’s 6th district, please elect John Kevin Hunt!

  3. This is a most courageous resolution, at a time when every ounce of courage and determination is required by all members of “Bernie nation” across the country. As a Vermonter, co-founder of Election Justice, and lifelong Bernie supporter, I strongly support John Kevin Hunt as a member of the Oregon delegation. His deep knowledge and wisdom will be an asset not only to the delegates from Oregon, but to the entire Bernie delegation as we head to the convention.

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